Saturday , June 23 2018
Raw Breakfast Bar

Heritage Auckland launches raw breakfast bar

Raw_Breakfast_Bar Heritage Auckland launches raw breakfast barHeritage Auckland, a hospitality industry leader in healthy and conscious dining, is the first hotel in New Zealand to offer its guests the choice of a Raw Bar along side its extensive breakfast buffet.

Natural unprocessed and uncooked plant foods are the key component for the raw diet. Nothing is cooked above 40 degrees Celsius as doing so can destroy enzymes in food that are believed to assist in the digestion and absorption process. Cooking can also diminish the nutritional value of food. One of the leading lights in this movement, was Swiss physician Dr Maximillian Bircher-Benner who in the mid 1980s provided raw food as part of his patient’s treatment in his hospital.
According to the general manger of Heritage Auckland, Mr Graeme Back, the reason for introducing the Raw Bar is the continuation of Heritage’s healthy cuisine philosophy.

“We had observed the international trend towards more conscious cuisine in 2010 and saw a great fit with our own philosophies. As an Enviro Gold hotel we embraced the sustainability benefits of plant based meals whilst at the same time assisting our guests with their healthy goals through providing low fat and nutritious meals,” says Graeme Back.

Executive chef, Jinu Abraham, wanted to increase our breakfast options and provide offerings which are unprocessed, unheated foods, with more energy and that are full of ‘life force’.

“We have used a number of techniques such as preserving, pickling, compression, dehydration and sprouting to enhance the flavours of the ingredients. We have sourced raw virgin oils such as olive and coconut. We use raw agave nectar, lucuma (Amazonian sweet fruit), coconut nectar and occasionally stevia for sweeteners. Salt when used is Marlborough sea salt and raw coconut aminos are used instead of soy. We sprout and grow our own grains and seeds which are used in a number of dishes. Even the oats we use for our bircher muesli are unsteamed and raw,” says Chef Jinu Abraham.

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