Saturday , May 26 2018
the hotel industry is getting less than half the picture when it comes to their brand by not accessing quality data across social channels

Hotels missing out on 70% of customer feedback

Global customer intelligence company Local Measure, which uses location-based data to unlock customer insights, believes the hotel industry is getting less than half the picture when it comes to their brand by not accessing quality data across social channels.

Founder and CEO Jonathan Barouch said for an industry that relies heavily on word of mouth, most of which takes place online, important customer insights are slipping through the cracks.

“If hotels are relying on customers to tag their brand to understand what they are saying, then you are only accessing 30 percent of the customer feedback available to you.

“Local Measure leverages aggregated data across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and Weibo to provide meaningful insights for businesses.”

“As data is captured in real-time, businesses can immediately adjust their strategy based on live feedback, or build rapport with their ‘super customers’; those who are not only repeat customers but also share their experiences with their social followers,” Barouch said.

To highlight the data insights gap, Local Measure has developed an infographic capturing social insights from four iconic hotels of the world; The Plaza (New York), Savoy (London), Raffles (Singapore) and The Four Seasons (Sydney).

The infographic, which collected data between March/April this year, captures total posts, posts by source, social check-ins, hotel mentions, and most shared photos and talked about hotel experiences.

“What the infographic highlights is the dominance of photo sharing platforms like Instagram and the fact that people don’t always hashtag a brand. Hotels are becoming increasingly dis-intermediated from the end customer so using social media is a great way to own a direct relationship with the guest,” Barouch said.

Barouch believes there are enormous opportunities surrounding data for hotels, to make better business decisions and to improve customer experience.

“Not many businesses extract quality intelligence and operationalise it well.”

“The majority of hotels have vast amounts of data – whether it’s transactional data or loyalty or website data – and they don’t exactly know what to do with it.

“It can make an enormous difference right across a hotel, not just for marketing purposes.”

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