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Thursday , October 19 2017

Complete Property Management

When it comes to property management systems, GuestPoint is a very familiar name in the Australian accommodation sector, and is rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand and the rest of the world. It is quick to set up, easy to use and full of modern time-saving tools that can assist in running your property, including reservation plan, customer database, accounting, management reporting, revenue maximizer and housekeeping.

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Easy to Learn and Use

When we designed GuestPoint, we deliberately made it look and feel like the familiar environment of a front desk. Everything is comfortably at your fingertips. GuestPoint is quick to move around and easy to navigate.

If you have never used a computerized property management system, then GuestPoint is especially for you. There are no complicated menus or detailed procedures to memorize. Just the functionality you need to get the job done.

Simple step-by-step processes guide new users through many common processes, to help them become quickly familiar with GuestPoint.

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Access Locally and in the Cloud

GuestPoint-Resplan-screen_StdRes-300x181 Complete Property ManagementOne of the reasons GuestPoint has won awards is the innovative way we deploy the solution. GuestPoint is a new breed of software that recognizes both the benefits and risks of running a mission-critical application like property management in the cloud.

The advantages of running in the cloud are:

  • Your data is always backed up
  • Your guest credit cards details are secure
  • You can access your data from anywhere

The advantages of software installed at your property are:

  • You have no risk of downtime if your Internet connection is lost or very slow
  • If your supplier goes out of business, your software can still be accessed
  • Response time is extremely fast as the data is stored on your PC

GuestPoint uses a unique hybrid data engine that gives you the best of both worlds, so it is very fast and you can keep working even when the Internet is down. GuestPoint also continuously synchronizes your data up to the Centium Cloud Server, where it is regularly backed up.

Key Features:

  • Front office management
  • Reservations management
  • Daily task management
  • Hybrid cloud/on-premise
  • Full audit history
  • Online booking site
  • Group management
  • Management dashboard
  • Customer profiles
  • Targeted merge email
  • Channel manager integration (SiteMinder, STAAH, ResOnline, Seekom and UseRoss)
  • Housekeeping mobile app
  • Revenue maximiser
  • Secure credit card vault
  • Multi-user, user friendly
  • Accounting export
  • Automated email & SMS
  • PABX & POS integration
  • Content managed website
  • Comprehensive reporting

Yield Management Made Simple

MaximiseImage2-300x189 Complete Property ManagementWe recognize the challenges facing small properties in developing a Yield Management strategy and in finding the time to manage it. GuestPoint includes a powerful tool that constantly monitors your occupancy and adjusts room rates automatically, based on simple rules you create. This can help you significantly increase profitability.

With GuestPoint you can very easily:

  • Increase your rates by a fixed amount or percentage, once you reach a pre-set occupancy
  • Decrease your rates by a fixed amount or percentage, if you are below a pre-set occupancy
  • Set the days of the week to adjust rates
  • Set different increases, decreases and occupancy levels for short-, medium- and long-term date ranges
  • Specify any rates not to be adjusted

For example, you might decide to increase your rates by $10 once you reach 80% occupancy within the next 5 days and decrease rates by $15 if you have not reached 60% occupancy within the same date range. You might also increase rates by $5 when you reach 70% occupancy between 6 to 15 days out.

Once you set these rules, GuestPoint automatically takes care of the rate changes across all of your online sales channels. At any time, you can quickly make changes and adjust the strategy for different times of the year when your booking trends change e.g., Christmas and school holidays.

GuestPoint Pricing Structure

GuestPoint is available in three levels – Lite, Standard and Premium depending on which features your property needs. The cost is based on an initial license and set up fee including installation, training, online manual and resources, and then an ongoing monthly fee, which includes hosting, backup, commission-free online booking page, 24/7 support and product upgrades. There is no minimum contract term.

The optional WebPoint® CMS provides you with a comprehensive content managed website for a one-off initial cost. Options are also available for phone, door key and POS integration.


At Centium Software, we’re specialists in hospitality management and in developing solutions that address the industry’s unique needs. For more than 25 years, our team have supported people with technology solutions. We don’t outsource our technical support; our own global team of support professionals operate 24/7 and will help solve your questions quickly. We provide extensive training and assistance with the setup and use of your system, including support for training relief managers to use GuestPoint while the manager is away.

GPLogo Complete Property Management

We would be very pleased to show you how your property can benefit from using GuestPoint.
Please contact us on 0800 CENTIUM (236 848), email or visit to find out more and arrange for a demonstration.

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