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Sunday , May 28 2017

Recovery plan for Kaikōura

The Kaikōura District Council has adopted Reimagine Kaikōura, a District Recovery Plan that is a significant step in the recovery process for restoring and enhancing the Kaikōura District after the November 2016 earthquake.

The Recovery Plan lays out a community led roadmap that includes five key themes: Economy – Developing a sustainable economy; Rebuild – Rebuilding quality facilities and infrastructure; Community – Enabling a strong and healthy community; Natural Environment – Protecting and enhancing the natural environment;  and Future – Striving for a resilient and positive future.

According to the plan, the Kaikōura District extends from the Tutaeputaputa (Conway River) in the south to nearly the Waima (or Ure) River in the north and is renowned for its outstanding natural heritage and ecological diversity. Kaikōura covers an area of approximately 2,046 km and is home to an estimated population of 3,800 residents.

“At 12.03am (NZT) on 14 November 2016, Kaikōura experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that caused wide reaching effects across the North and South Islands. The earthquake ran from south to north and spanned an area of roughly 150km from the epicentre. A series of aftershocks followed over the following days. We are proud of how… …we have come together.

The effects of the event severely impacted the local communities, economy, landscape and the regional fauna. Kaikōura and Hurunui District were considered the worst affected regions and suffered the bulk of the damage.”

The total cost of the damage from the earthquake is estimated to be between $3 billion and $8 billion.

The Kaikōura District Recovery Plan (KDRP) outlines a vision and complementary goals, identifies key components of the recovery process, establishes key action areas and timeframes and provides a tool for monitoring and reviewing.

You can download the plan by clicking here.

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