Thursday , March 22 2018

Indonesia loves NZ more than ever

New research conducted by Tourism New Zealand shows preference for New Zealand as a holiday destination is at an all-time high in Indonesia as arrivals continue to grow.

Preference has grown to a record 84 percent – an increase of six per cent since the last round of research six months ago.

More importantly this strong preference is also converting into arrival growth.

In the year ending November 2017 more than 16,000 Indonesians visited New Zealand for a holiday, a 25 per cent increase on last year. Significantly, the market delivered a 17 per cent year on year increase during the combined September, October and November spring months.

Tourism New Zealand’s Regional Manager South and South East Asia, Steven Dixon said the new research, combined with the increase in arrivals, shows that Tourism New Zealand’s activity is having impact and highlights the continued potential of the market to deliver value to New Zealand.

“Seeing both preference and arrivals reach a record high is incredibly satisfying as it indicates the work we have been delivering is making a difference.

“Indonesia is a priority emerging market for New Zealand. The value of the market is enhanced by the tendency for Indonesian travellers to travel during our shoulder seasons, peaking during the Lebaran (Ramadan) holiday period; and impressive growth and interest from the high spending corporate incentive sector.”


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