Thursday , February 22 2018

Are you providing authentic cultural connection?

A joint venture with leading youth travel company Contiki will reach millions of 18 -35 year olds around the world who are thinking of visiting New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand and Contiki have joined forces to promote New Zealand as a place with unique and authentic cultural connections.

The origins, meaning and importance of the haka are powerfully told in the partnerships main piece of content – a moving video showcasing the haka but also the warm manaakitanga (welcome and hospitality) New Zealand is known for.  The video launched on January 19 and racked up over 194k views along with an impressive 2,000 shares within three days.

“The millennial traveller is looking for an authentic holiday experience, where they can really immerse themselves in the culture of a location.  Contiki’s the ‘Travel Project’ is a hugely popular online hub for millennials containing in depth travel stories – it’s the perfect home to showcase New Zealand’s unique culture,” said Tourism New Zealand’s director of marketing Andrew Fraser.

The campaign also includes a version of the haka video being pushed out via UNILAD, a hugely popular social media news page. The video has reached over two million views after just four days.

Youth travellers account for over 193k* visitors to New Zealand a year, tending to stay longer and spend more than the average visitor.

“The value of the youth traveller goes far beyond arrival numbers and expenditure.  More than any other visitor they tend to travel across different regions and get involved in a range of activities and spend more while they are here. They also tend to travel throughout the year and this presents a strong opportunity to grow shoulder season arrivals.”

The campaign also includes five other pieces of supporting video that showcases a range of New Zealand locations and experiences and four significant blog articles on Contiki’s site. Contiki’s frontline travel agents will also promote the campaign and travel to New Zealand over the coming months.

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