Sunday , May 27 2018

Website the winning recipe for NZ food

The food story of New Zealand is being told in all its delicious detail through a new website created by a passionate group chefs, restaurateurs and primary producers.

The website, launched last week, features two thousand food businesses including eateries, farmers’ markets, events and food tourism operators throughout the country.

It is the first time New Zealand farmers’ markets have been listed on the same platform and the first time regional food information has been located in the same place.

The website is designed as a one-stop food itinerary which forms a collective narrative of the nation’s food history and culture.

The mammoth project began when a group of some of New Zealand’s notable chefs, producers and food lovers began a conversation on how to define New Zealand cuisine.

Eat New Zealand’s founder is Giulio Sturla from the award winning Roots Restaurant in Lyttelton, near Christchurch.

He said: “We knew the time was right, and my experience of the rise of cuisines in places like South America showed me we had everything we need here to show the world a completely unique offering.

“What has been achieved in less than three years is amazing, but there’s still so much work to do.”

The group says the site is only the beginning and is designed to become the ‘landing place’ for New Zealand food in the future.

Angela Clifford, Eat New Zealand CEO, said: “We’ve seen what New Nordic Cuisine can do for Scandinavia’s food and tourism and we believe our country is ripe for this type of gastronationalism.

“We have incredible ingredients enjoyed around the world, but we’ve not been good at connecting those with people’s experiences when they visit the country.

“We believe this is a significant step in that direction.”

The Eat New Zealand collective is a not for profit and is supported by some of the country’s top chefs, media organisations and event and tourism operators.

The executive includes representatives from Wellington Culinary Events Trust and Taste of Auckland Festival, but at its heart the movement has been a collaboration between chefs, restaurant owners and producers.

“We know this website and the movement that supports it is the beginning of a new era for New Zealand food,” said Mr Sturla.

“We’re determined to keep pushing to put our food, places and people together on the world map”.

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