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Friday , March 24 2017

Doug Kennedy

Use video email to outsell the competition

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Based on what I hear from the hotel sales and catering sales managers I train each month, the vast majority of inquiries for groups, meetings, conferences and catering events are being received electronically. Some come in via direct email; others arrive after a planner completes a “contact us” inquiry form at the hotel’s website. Most, however, arrive via third party …

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One task every GM should do right now to increase group sales revenues

With group demand growth having levelled off or declined in most hotel markets, general managers and directors of sales are looking for ways to capture more of the market share of the business that is still out there. As I have explored many of my previous articles, the hotel sales environment has changed dramatically in recent years, yet hotel sales …

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Don’t get overwhelmed by data fatigue

Reports flood our inboxes daily with the latest metrics on how our hotel has performed in the recent past versus our competitors, how we are doing in the future at capturing global distribution system market share, as well as the latest online guest reviews, TripAdvisor ratings and social media posts. Revenue-management systems spit out the latest pick-up numbers and tell …

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