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Thursday , April 27 2017


Are your guests getting a satisfying sleep?

Embrace your guests and create a cosy cocoon to bestow the ultimate sleep experience. Guests pay you to have quality slumber and the measure of how good they feel the morning after can make or break your accommodation. Therefore, you must find that ‘sweet spot’ between price, luxury, on-trend design, comfort and durability. It’s not just about a quality bed …

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Hospitality trolleys – Bat-mobile or battered mobile?

The housekeeping department is the backbone of any accommodation and housekeepers are often the unsung heroes. Their job is often messy, usually thankless, sometiwmes frustrating and occasionally back-breaking. The tools of their trade are everything to them and can make the difference between job satisfaction and a thankless task. If housekeepers were indeed superheroes, the house-keeping trolley is their bat-mobile! …

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Bunk Bed revival set for 2016

Bunk beds are a top new trend for hip and cool hotels. For guests who wish to harken back to their youth, some independent and boutique style hotels are bringing them back to the free spirit of pajama party overnight revelry! They also make rooms much more affordable. Bunk beds are not just for youth hotels or family rooms anymore, …

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