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Friday , March 31 2017


Intercontinental Wellington

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Life at Wellington’s Hotel Intercontinental has been a “journey” so far for its guest experience manager – facilities, Daniel Fleming, but one he is thoroughly enjoying.

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Airing Your Dirty Laundry


Every day thousands of pairs of sheets, pillowcases, towels, bathmats and face cloths are changed and laundered in accommodation facilities across the country.

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Spend more time where it counts and outsource laundry

AN NZ 57 wk5 laundry

When you look at a day in the life of an executive housekeeper, executive chef or any hotel management role, you immediately begin to understand why more and more hotels are turning to outsourced labour and specialist service providers to deliver operational efficiencies and savings whilst still maintaining the high levels of quality required within an accommodation environment.

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All about sheets


Sheets and Pillow slips in the commercial world are mostly a blend where cotton is combined with different levels of polyester – a polycotton.

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A touch of luxury


Good quality bathroom amenities are vital in all hotels and resorts today as they not only reflect a hotel’s branding but guests expect the best and want the wow factor.

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Sanitised Cleaning the Steam Way


The suppliers of quality steam and vacuum machines into NEW ZEALAND are encouraging you, the leaders of the hospitality industry, to rethink your approach to sanitised room cleaning.

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What’s Hot & What’s Not

AN11 - Week 2 - hskpg-bedding-CloudBedTopper

“One of the ongoing problems in the accommodation industry is there is too much retail product used for commercial application,” said Gary Coman, managing director of HotelHome Australia.

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