Monday , May 28 2018


Colour can be Your Best Choice

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For many reasons, including star ratings and hygiene, too many properties around the four star rating, are confused and wondering, should they furnish their beds with the now traditional five-star ‘white look’ which is not always the sensible and affordable option.

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Keeping carpets fresh and clean

Rug Cleaning

Whether it is for a large hotel, motel, hostel or any other kind of accommodation facility a reliable in-house carpet and upholstery care system is needed to keep a clean environment.

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Banishing bed bugs

Bed Bug

Over 50 years ago, DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) was thought to be the ultimate bed bug cure and so most people considered the world rid of the little brown parasites.

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Pillow Talk


Arguably the crux of the accommodation industry, pillows can make or break the quality of a guest’s stay.

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