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Wednesday , September 20 2017


Northland stars in Air New Zealand’s next safety video

bay of islands

A host of famous faces are converging on Northland over the next few days for the filming of Air New Zealand’s next safety video. The latest edition in the airline’s world famous safety video series will be shot at some of the region’s most recognisable locations featuring both local and international stars. Air New Zealand General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing …

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How hotels can utilise technology to attract millennials


The popularity of Airbnb with millennials has been well-documented, causing the hotel industry to rethink how it appeals to this travel-loving generation. Today, hotel brands are finding new ways to lure back this demographic, from focusing on localised design to providing unique, authentic experiences.  In addition, a number of chains have started investing more heavily in technology and digital connectivity …

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Give guests fewer choices, not more

Hotel bookings

Travellers today prefer simple transactions and are driven away by clutter, especially a clutter of choices. Studies show that when people are faced with too many options, they experience decision paralysis. Meaning, they delay making a decision and a purchase for days, weeks and months. Or worse, decide not to make a decision at all! Go through your own booking process and …

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New Zealand embraces PCOA Conference themes

100% Pure New Zealand team at PCOA conference 2015.

New Zealand’s record 18-strong contingent at the 2016 PCOA Conference in Brisbane this month will personify the conference theme – connect, collaborate, differentiate. Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) Australia Manager Sharon Auld says the New Zealand team is set to embrace and demonstrate these calls to action. “The conference theme fits New Zealand perfectly, it represents all the ways …

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OTAs hitting hotel owners where it hurts: real estate values

A new report from the AHLA has sent a ripple of concern through many hotel owners. According to the report, entitled: Demystifying the Digital Marketplace, “the revenue retained by US hotels after paying all customer acquisition costs declined by almost 0.4% or US$600 million… That US$600m in additional cost would have contributed directly to net operating income. Using an 8% …

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Six things scaring the $%#@ out of hotel marketers this Halloween

For Halloween, we asked hotel marketers from coast-to-coast, representing properties of all sizes, what they’re most spooked about right now. Here is what they said: 1. UNREALISTIC GOALS ON TIGHT BUDGETS Hotel marketers have always had notoriously full plates. Now, those plates aren’t just full – they’re stacked sky-high with multiple marketing priorities to oversee, manage and implement. This upcoming …

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One task every GM should do right now to increase group sales revenues

With group demand growth having levelled off or declined in most hotel markets, general managers and directors of sales are looking for ways to capture more of the market share of the business that is still out there. As I have explored many of my previous articles, the hotel sales environment has changed dramatically in recent years, yet hotel sales …

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How guests can amplify your hotel marketing budget

There is no one we trust more than a friend or family member. According to Nielsen Media, 83% of people say they trust recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of marketing. This is the modern anti-advertising dynamic that has enabled TripAdvisor to grow into a global powerhouse; making past guest reviews critical to your property’s success. And …

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How to identify guest segments with your hotel’s data

Here’s how you can use data to identify your future guests within your guest database, and use technology to get them to book directly. Time-poor urbanites For time-poor urbanites, examine each guest’s booking window and booking device. They tend to do things last-minute, because they don’t have the time to plan ahead. A booking window of 1-7 days, especially if done through …

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