Saturday , April 21 2018


The painful truth about hotel SEO (part 2)

This is the second and final instalment in our two-part series on the massive upheaval in hotel SEO best practices. Problem 3: SEO has become even more technical and code heavy than ever before! The days of hiring a website vendor and an SEO vendor to work separately are over because there’s no accountability. The best SEO practices in 2016 …

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Tips on writing concise hotel content

What kind of online content will win over new guests?

In today’s uncompromising travel and tourism industry, establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage is important for all hotel managers. One major factor that needs to be taken into consideration is having clear and concise hotel content. Many hoteliers would be surprised by the impact hotel content makes on potential guests. Below are a few tips to ensure you implement this …

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Local tourism marketing: the low hanging fruit

Did you know that shopping and eating at restaurants/cafés are consistently rated in the top three activities that people partake in during a holiday or vacation? We often think travel is all about attractions, museums and tours, however, Destination NSW tells us that the top three activities undertaken by domestic visitors to Sydney are: 1. Eating out, dining at a …

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Cashed up, time rich – the travelling senior

Senior happy couple taking selfie with mobile phone on board of plane - Smiling retired people having fun flying from Coron to Borakay by airplane - Concept of elderly happiness on world wide travel

Did you know, that in our life time, we will never see another demographic that has as much disposable cash to spend and as much free time than our current seniors? Yet, I still see the travel industry not really taking them seriously. Still talking to cringe-worthy stereotypes that most seniors cannot really relate to – or more importantly, ‘see’. …

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The importance of responding to reviews

An 82 wk2 reviews

Today, many property managers ignore or perceive responding to guest reviews as a low priority. In other words, property managers do not realise the importance or how crucial responding to reviews really is.

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The risks of data sharing

Data Sharing Generic

Recently several managers have been caught out by unwittingly handing over their sensitive business data to a third party believing this was necessary for the supplier to undertake marketing for them.     

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