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Wednesday , May 24 2017


5 hotel sales tactics to jumpstart 2017

marketing tactics for hotels

A fresh new year brings a new opportunity to delight ownership with big results in group/event sales…but only if you start off with velocity. Here are five tactics for jumpstarting your hotel sales performance in 2017 and establishing momentum for the next 12 months: Have a kick-ass kick-off! Seize this moment to fire up your group sales team and send …

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Is calendar integration the next step for accom?

Another day, another sharing economy innovation: Uber has launched a new app service that allows it to sync up with users’ personal event calendars. How might this apply to the accom sector? The idea is that the app interprets data in the user’s calendar to recommend destinations for upcoming meetings, etc. It’s an interesting concept that relies on users agreeing …

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When millennials grow up: part one

the millennials are parents

Globally the influence of millennials on travel and on marketing has been profound. In the US, millennials are as large a generation cohort as baby boomers. In China, they are a smaller generation numerically thanks to the one child policy, but as the first generation to benefit from China’s astonishing economic growth, 80’s children (as they are known) are a …

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How to hot button your loyalty program

woman happy with her online loyalty program

An old-school sales technique called “hot button selling” may help shed some light on how to improve your loyalty program. Used to describe the process of qualifying your leads by deciphering the emotional motivations underpinning their logic-based decisions, its proliferation makes sense because of how often we humans are slaves to our emotions. When it comes to purchases, we habitually …

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Hotel marketing: 10 things that worked in 2016

Businesswoman writing question about 2016 on graph. Blue background.

With 2016 behind us all, and 2017 plans, projections and developments ahead, a marketing experts guide to what worked well last year could set the stage for a year to remember. Marketing can often seem like a bottomless pit of possibilities. The days of investing in only a few marketing channels are long gone. Now, there are endless ways to …

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OTAs are marketing directly to your guests – and so should you

Man lying at bedroom using a laptop for booking travel destination.

In the battle to convert guest loyalty and guest data ownership from an OTA to your hotel, there are two important contact points that must be monitored and measured. First, well-run hotels keep close track of how the front desk captures direct contact information from OTA guests, particularly email addresses. There are many ways to ask a guest for this …

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Break department barriers and beat your budget

hotel management meetings

Break down the silos between marketing, sales and revenue with one simple weekly practice. Non-communication between departments is commonplace in the hotel industry. You’ve most likely seen this yourself. Sales left in the dark about marketing promos. Marketing staff surprised by a revenue manager’s room rate decision. Or, front desk staff oblivious to the arrival of a very important meeting …

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Northland stars in Air New Zealand’s next safety video

bay of islands

A host of famous faces are converging on Northland over the next few days for the filming of Air New Zealand’s next safety video. The latest edition in the airline’s world famous safety video series will be shot at some of the region’s most recognisable locations featuring both local and international stars. Air New Zealand General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing …

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How hotels can utilise technology to attract millennials


The popularity of Airbnb with millennials has been well-documented, causing the hotel industry to rethink how it appeals to this travel-loving generation. Today, hotel brands are finding new ways to lure back this demographic, from focusing on localised design to providing unique, authentic experiences.  In addition, a number of chains have started investing more heavily in technology and digital connectivity …

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