Saturday , February 24 2018


A new era arrives for digital signage

Interpersonal communication of all forms has been advancing with bewildering speed in recent years, affecting homes, businesses and other enterprises of all kinds. Not only is the accommodation industry no exception, electronic signage has become essential, right from attracting guests in the first place to keeping them well informed and happy while they are in your establishment. This technology has …

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Netflix to expand hospitality services

Netflix and Enseo signed an agreement expanding the latter company’s rights to distribute the Netflix application on select devices to any hotel under a specific contract with Enseo in any country where the Netflix service is available. “Our partnership with Enseo brings Netflix members a high quality viewing experience on their hotel room TV,” said Paul Perryman, director business development …

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Direct bookings and small hotels: what technology do you need?

All hotels – both large and small – crave direct bookings. So what kinds of technology can help small hotels get more direct, commission-free bookings? Direct booking technology means technology that helps you to generate direct (commission-free) bookings. There are two essential pieces of technology to making this work. Your website Your guests’ experience with you starts long before they …

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The US vs. Europe: how are hoteliers embracing hotel technology?

Property management system, internet booking engine, a channel manager, central reservation system, and revenue management system – all perfect examples of the hotel technology that hoteliers should be using to get ahead of the competition and manage their operations. Research from industry analysts Phocuswright, co-sponsored by SiteMinder, took a deep dive into the usage of technology in US and European …

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What is an online payment gateway: the basics for small hotels

Accepting online reservations is necessary, but you also need to have a safe and secure online payment gateway to make it work. While travellers prefer the ease and convenience of booking online, they also want to make sure that they are working with a reputable vendor who will keep their personal, financial information secure. So, what is an online payment …

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Retro fitting to halogen

So, you’re investigating upgrading your halogen lighting to LED. The number one reason for this is to reduce energy consumption throughout your building, but it is not the only factor to consider. If you have already begun looking into this transition you have more than likely been overwhelmed with the variety of LED products available. There are many form factors, …

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The painful truth about hotel SEO (part 2)

This is the second and final instalment in our two-part series on the massive upheaval in hotel SEO best practices. Problem 3: SEO has become even more technical and code heavy than ever before! The days of hiring a website vendor and an SEO vendor to work separately are over because there’s no accountability. The best SEO practices in 2016 …

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4 questions to ask your potential channel manager vendor

Channel manager options

There is one piece of technology that you need to consider if you want to ramp up your technology and that is, a channel manager. As the name suggests, channel managers allow properties to efficiently manage the different online distribution channels that their property sells through. Channel managers give small accommodation providers two main benefits: • Ability to sell the …

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What is the future of wearable technology in hotels?

If you’re at all interested in technology, whether it is for work or just for fun, you’ll know that the future all big tech companies are working towards is wearable technology. The release of the Apple Watch earlier this year just goes to show that users are still looking for the next new and exciting piece of tech to own …

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