Saturday , June 23 2018


IPTV changes everything


Guests expect at the very least, sophisticated entertainment facilities equal to what they enjoy at home when they relax in their hotel rooms – if not better.

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Wifi security – getting control


Some business owners face a new risk because thieves have discovered how to steal credit card information, client data and business transactions from point of sale computers and property management software and they are doing this by accessing the business’s Internet.

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Many advantages in digital signage systems

AMG08-Technology-Digital signage-A8 300x225

Digital signage can add considerable value to an accommodation provider, both through its promotional and organisational potential. Changing advertising, venue information and conference information on an appropriately placed LED Display panel can dissolve the queue at reception, ease pressure on staff and promote an establishment’s best features.

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Analogue switch off closing in fast

Going Digital

It really is hard to believe that it has been almost 18 months since our great victorious Rugby World Cup Final win which saw great relief and celebration here in New Zealand! It just seems to confirm how quick time really does seem to fly in this ever-changing world we now live in.

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