Saturday , May 26 2018


Front-desk team is crucial to hotel marketing

The front-desk staff always has played an important role in the success of a hotel by creating positive first impressions. Nowadays, however, these staff members are key players in hotel marketing. As everyone who has ever worked behind a front desk knows, guests’ experiences at registration set the tone for their entire stay. If things go well, such as if …

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Never try to prove guests wrong, even when they are

Is it ever okay to be right? Not when you have guests...

Coming up through the ranks in the hotel industry, I remember well hearing my managers use the old adage “The customer is always right.” At one hotel they even put a sign up that said: “Rule number one: the customer is always right. Rule number two: when the customer is wrong, see rule number one.” In recent years I have …

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Preparing your business for sale

Motel room Generic

When we sell something, it makes sense to present it in its best light. We would not normally try to sell a house or a car for example, without having it clean and tidy and attending to any minor but obvious defects.

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Who can you trust ?

Insurance Rating

We all like to know that the company we’re dealing with is well regarded and reputable when it comes to meeting their obligations to us. But apart from what you hear and what you are told… how do you really know?

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New Zealand Made Leads The Way


When it comes to buying products that are made in their own country, New Zealanders are as patriotic as most. Recent research conducted by National Research showed that nine out of 10 kiwis prefer to buy local products where price and quality are equal with imported product.

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Are Hotel Room Rates Set to Rise?

Question Mark

Improvements in hotel market fundamentals in the next two – three years could increase hotel room rates, a critical success factor for improving hotel profitability, says specialist hotel consulting firm, Horwath HTL Ltd.

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