Saturday , June 23 2018


Are your pillows making guests sick?

A massive 91 percent of people rate pillows as vital for a good night’s sleep according to the US National Sleep Foundation. Yet while accommodation houses have woken up to the importance of pillow comfort in recent years, many remain unconscious of the fact that discerning guests are looking for more than softness.

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The need for hotel careers in the face of the gig economy

As the gig economy continues to take hold in various industries, it is also changing how we think about our chosen line of work. The 9-to-5 office is eroding while working from home and working when you want behaviours are gaining widespread acceptance. The impacts for hotels are manifold. At its core, this freelancer economy promotes a transient approach to …

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Are you okay? How hospitality can save a life

This isn’t a subject many wish to tackle: suicide. The issue tends to be brushed under the carpet or addressed in hushed tones, even more so within this industry where even a sniff of publicity about a guest death from suicide causes panic. As housekeepers, you tend to see more of guests than other staff members while cleaning rooms or …

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