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Friday , March 24 2017

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The future of OTA loyalty programs

Loyalty Program

Online travel agents (OTAs) are known as an efficient distribution channel for hotel rooms, but with more major hotel brands pushing direct bookings to reduce commissions paid out to agents- this leaves OTAs searching for the next goldmine product to fuel their continued growth. With this in mind – for years – hotels have enjoyed a non-competitive landscape with their …

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Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel makes luxury top 10 list

Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel

For the first time, Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel (QPBH) has been chosen as one of New Zealand’s Best Hotels by readers of DestinAsia – an award winning travel and lifestyle magazine. The boutique hotel, situated in the heart of Queenstown, is positioned as number six on a listing of New Zealand’s Top 10 properties.   The listing is the result of the annual …

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How you can use your hotel restaurant to increase bookings?

A study by Leonardo looked at what images travel shoppers viewed the most. Obviously, the number one result was guest rooms but the second most viewed was restaurant photos. This indicates that travel boils down to two primary needs; people want a nice place to sleep and they want a nice place to eat. Most of the time the hotel restaurant is …

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Will the internet kill the hotel star?

star ratings

Star-rated? Consumer rated? Or even self-rated? What is the state of affairs with accommodation rating in New Zealand tourism in 2017 and where are we headed? There has been recent discussion in Australia around self-rated properties versus star ratings, which are obtained through a process of industry accreditation assessment.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, recent research pointed to continued consumer confidence in a …

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First impressions count at Quest Petone

Quest Petone: lounge area in two bedroom apartment.

For Joseph Teh, becoming a franchise director of Quest Petone is the culmination of years of hospitality experience, hard work and business management…and the manifestation of a career trajectory that began in his teens. Joseph’s first experience of work was within family-owned Chinese restaurants.  “We all had to go help our family business, you know how it is with Chinese …

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Is calendar integration the next step for accom?

Another day, another sharing economy innovation: Uber has launched a new app service that allows it to sync up with users’ personal event calendars. How might this apply to the accom sector? The idea is that the app interprets data in the user’s calendar to recommend destinations for upcoming meetings, etc. It’s an interesting concept that relies on users agreeing …

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How to hot button your loyalty program

woman happy with her online loyalty program

An old-school sales technique called “hot button selling” may help shed some light on how to improve your loyalty program. Used to describe the process of qualifying your leads by deciphering the emotional motivations underpinning their logic-based decisions, its proliferation makes sense because of how often we humans are slaves to our emotions. When it comes to purchases, we habitually …

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Hotel marketing: 10 things that worked in 2016

Businesswoman writing question about 2016 on graph. Blue background.

With 2016 behind us all, and 2017 plans, projections and developments ahead, a marketing experts guide to what worked well last year could set the stage for a year to remember. Marketing can often seem like a bottomless pit of possibilities. The days of investing in only a few marketing channels are long gone. Now, there are endless ways to …

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Expedia rep tells customer “F**k you!” in shocking reports

Teacher and mother Cara Viramontes shared screenshots with CBSLA of an email she received from Expedia with the words “F**k you!” and a notification her $600 trip had been cancelled. The email was allegedly sent after she had filled in a customer service survey with an unfavourable employee review. “I was honest,” she told the local news site. “I said: ‘You know what, …

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Hospitality NZ Conference another success in Auckland

Hospitality NZ Conference 2016 was held in mid-October with more than 300 delegates attending. The conference and trade show was held at Auckland’s SkyCity Convention Centre with delegates from all over New Zealand. They came from a wide range of hospitality venues including restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, taverns, retail liquor, casinos and a wide range of short and long term …

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