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Hertz top for customer satsifaction

AN18_-_Hertz Hertz top for customer satsifactionNew Zealanders have awarded Hertz Car Rental top honours for overall customer satisfaction, according to the findings of a survey of hire car companies.

The survey by Canstar Blue asked Kiwis to rate their satisfaction with the hire car company they had most recently used in seven areas: overall satisfaction, value, service, vehicle availability, booking process, cost and accessory availability. Hertz received five star ratings for overall satisfaction, service, booking process, cost and accessory availability. Rival companies Thrifty and Budget were both awarded five stars for value and Avis received a five star rating for vehicle availability.

Derek Bonnar CANSTAR – New Zealand National Manager said the survey also revealed that before kiwis drove off in their hire car, they fastidiously checked the condition of their vehicle. Seventy four percent of those surveyed indicated that they looked over the vehicle condition report thoroughly. Men and women were equally keen to make sure they knew the condition of the car they were hiring at 74%. “Kiwis are checking, before they head off in their hire car, that they’re not going to be held responsible for damage caused by others,” says Derek.

“Our findings also showed that New Zealanders looking to hire a vehicle were generally very sensible when it came to checking any terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. The further south we live the more likely we are to make sure we understand the contract before signing. Seventy percent of Dunedin residents checked the fine print, but interestingly, despite living in the city that’s home to the country’s regulators and law makers, Wellingtonians were the least likely at 49% to check for hidden clauses.

“Fourteen percent of hire car users have been surprised with unexpected charges when they’ve returned their car to the hire company. Aucklanders are more than twice as likely (19%) as Christchurch residents (8%) to report unexpected charges on their account,” says Derek.

Amongst those surveyed the most common gripes about Hire Car companies include:

• The price of hiring a vehicle

• Poor customer service

• Available vehicles were old or not well maintained

• Branches were not close by, or in an inconvenient location

• Hidden costs.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton Australia to survey 2,500 New Zealand consumers every few months to measure their satisfaction across a range of products and services. The outcomes reported are the results from consumers who have rented a hire car within the last 12 months, within the survey group – in this case, 426 people. Hire car companies must receive at least 30 responses to be included.

Canstar Blue is a division of financial research and ratings company, CANSTAR which has been operating in New Zealand for nearly a decade.

Canstar Blue provides New Zealanders with the latest customer satisfaction ratings on products and services free of charge via the website

“Consumers will undoubtedly feel more confident about a purchase if hundreds of other Kiwis rate it highly,” said Derek.

To view the full results of the Canstar Blue survey go to:

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