Saturday , August 18 2018
Christmas Checklist

Be prepared – act now

Christmas_Checklist Be prepared - act nowWell Christmas is upon us and for most us in the accommodation industry the Christmas period is “full on”, while we endeavour to enjoy Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day with no complaints, breakdowns or disasters.

It is this time of the year that many wonder why we chose the service industry as a career. It would be nice to shut down for two or three weeks and put the phone away. But now is the time to have the maintenance list checked to avoid costly emergency after hours callouts. I have compiled the following short list of the most common maintenance issues that can affect your patron’s happy stay and cause you unnecessary grief.

BBQs – The time of year that the BBQ is most frequently used and is a must to be a priority item for maintenance. Ensure that the BBQs are in excellent working order. It is advised to have them serviced and for those with LPG cylinders make sure you have spare full cylinders on hand.

Spa & pool heaters – Advisable to have them checked or serviced.

Pool filtration equipment – Have your pool contractor check the pumps, filters and chlorinators. Replace noisy pumps and have spare chemicals on hand. Make sure that the water chemistry in the pool and spa is within the required parameters and is a healthy environment for your patrons.

Basement sump pumps – Check that they operate ok. These pumps are usually overlooked and are not a problem unless we get a huge storm. The problem then arises when the basement car parks flood.

Air conditioners – Clean the filters and check that the condensate lines are discharging correctly. Ensure that the air conditioners are cooling efficiently if not have them serviced.

Batteries – Ensure a good supply and range is available for remote controls etc.

Emergency power generators – If you have backup generators have your contractor check them and have ample backup fuel.

\Hot water – In many of the high rises the hot water plant is owned by the energy provider, However the secondary circulating pumps and UV filters are the responsibility of the body corporate. It would pay to have the circulating pumps checked. Individual hot water heaters in units should be checked for any water leakages and check the pressure relief valves, if any leaks have them replaced.

Electrical – Check ceiling fans. Check power points and lights – make sure you have ample light globes for backup. Check small appliances and leads. Check dishwashers and washing machines.

Sumps and drains – Inspect and clean.

Holiday units – Tap ware – inspect all taps for leaks. Make sure taps are easy to turn off and on. Toilets – check toilet cisterns are flushing correctly and check flush pipe and pan seals for leaks. Check garbage disposal units

Most trades and trade suppliers close between Christmas and New Year check with your contactors if they are 24/7 contactable if not can they recommend a back up supplier to assist you in the case of an emergency. 24/7 emergency numbers for the following trades should be kept on hand: plumbers & gasfitters – electrician – locksmith – air conditioning – glass – whitegoods.

The above maintenance check list is only a guideline and most resort managers do have their own checklist. If you are new to the industry then this list may be beneficial. It pays to at least check the above maintenance list. It is often the simplest things that cause grief for guests on public holidays and, remember, 24/7 contactable services have to pay staff double time and this has to be on charged.

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