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Going Digital

Analogue switch off closing in fast

Going_Digital Analogue switch off closing in fastIt really is hard to believe that it has been almost 18 months since our great victorious Rugby World Cup Final win which saw great relief and celebration here in New Zealand! It just seems to confirm how quick time really does seem to fly in this ever-changing world we now live in.

As we progress through 2013 it is now less than two months till the South Island loses its analogue TV signal on the 28 April.  

If your place is in the South Island, it is time to ensure your TV system at your Hotel/Motel is assessed by qualified TV technicians that are knowledgeable with commercial set-ups like yours.

The North Island will see its analogue TV signals switched off in stages with the lower North Island losing its signal on 29 September and the upper North Island on 1 December 2013.

For those not familiar with the process, in the way of background, the majority of NZ is seeing 2013 as the year when the only way to access TV signals will be via Digital platforms. All analogue TV signals will be terminated this year.

This means that the traditional free-to-air channels such as TV1, TV2, TV3, C4, Prime will only be available to your Hotel/Motel TV’s if your TV’s are one or more of the following:

1. Freeview compatible

2. Receiving free to air decoders
3. Using SKY Guest Select

The first provinces to lose their analogue signals were the Hawkes Bay and the South Island’s West Coast in September last year.

It is pleasing to report that for the majority of Hotels/Motels there were few issues in the changeover for Hotels/Motels in these provinces. However there were a few instances where operators assumed that their TV set-up was Digital-capable, when this was not the case. This resulted in urgent call-outs required by local commercial technicians to resolve their TV issues as the analogue switch-off deadline rapidly approached.

We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from your TV installer about the options available earlier rather than later. Even if you have newer flat-screen LCD’s and/or Plasmas sets installed into your rooms already– they still require the Freeview channels to be connected for access to the free to air channels via the Digital platform.

Also you should consider any secondary sets you may have that may be located in: Conference rooms, Reception areas, and if relevant, in-house Bars.

Naturally, here at SKY we would endorse the Guest Select option that allows for a SKY decoder in the room giving the guest the ability to access over 50 SKY channels, in crystal-clear Digital which of course include all the free-to-air channels.

As a solution to the analogue switch-off, Guest Select provides guests with a Digital signal providing cleaner pictures (and sound) which today sees over 250 Hotels/Motels and 4,000 Hotel/Motel rooms now using Guest Select.

In summary, it can’t be stressed enough that when the analogue signal is terminated in your region it will not be returning. So it is really important to ensure that you have explored your TV options relevant to your TV system. This will ensure that you are providing your guests with decent TV reception when the analogue signal does end in your region.

We would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the team at SKY Business to extend best wishes to all readers for 2013.

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