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The Birth of Management Rights Association of New Zealand Inc

NZ The Birth of Management Rights Association of New Zealand IncFinally the management rights industry has a combined voice and an organisation specifically charged with advancing common issues.

The Management Rights Association of New Zealand (MRANZ Inc) was officially incorporated in September 2012

It is no secret that there have been a number of challenges to the legitimacy of some management agreements and a degree of media attention. However, the market does not hear the storey of the many satisfied owners and bodies corporate. The press tend to focus on the negative.

So given the fact that agreements were being challenged and the industry needed to understand the legal decisions from the high court Denise Marsden of Alexander Dorrington Lawyers, had the foresight to organise a meeting of interested parties in August last year. The meeting was attended by a handful of enthusiastic management right owners and other interested parties.

From there grew the concept of forming an organisation and Gordon McGregor of Resort Brokers New Zealand agreed to move matters ahead by setting up a database, contact all known management right owners and form the association. To date there are 23 owners of management rights who have become full members of the association.

MRANZ Inc has undertaken initial discussions with officials of the ARAMA (Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association). Our Australian counterparts have been extremely helpful along with their supporters and associates. We have been given limited access to their archive research and articles and there have been offers of further help. Several solicitors and barristers who are experienced in management rights issues have also offered their assistance. We envisage that the two organisations will work closely in the future and a suggestion that the two organisations merge has been rejected by the New Zealand members at this stage.

There is more to the organisation than dealing with litigious issues and the objectives are as follows:

• Single voice in dealing with Government agencies

• Notification of changes in legislation as they affect the industry

• Research and reports on management rights activities

• Analysis of industry statistics as they apply to management rights

• Update on legal decisions and establishment of workgroups and formation of strategies

• Provision of standardised documents for management rights which are robust and contestable

• Bulk buying advantages for software, office requisites, room supplies etc

• Joint marketing initiatives and discounted advertising

• Establishment of acceptable industry standards and codes of conduct

The management rights industry faces different challenges than the motel market and it was felt that MANZ do not provide the right platform for representation. Resort Brokers saw their involvement as being temporary being there to establish and guide initially but hand over the operation to industry participants as soon as adequate structures are in place. Gordon McGregor, Joint Proprietor of Resort Brokers) will stand down as Chairman and we will look to replace him with an active management right owner in the near future. Gordon has undertaken to remain a member of the Association to lend a hand with time and energy as called upon to alleviate the burden on other executives.

With some momentum in place, goals and aims established MRANZ is now the official voice for the industry. However, it is felt that the more members it has the more respect it will command from Government Agencies, supplies and the like. So the membership drive continues and we would encourage all management right owners to join for a modest fee of just $100. To join MRANZ Inc please contact Gordon McGregor on or call him on 021 998810.

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