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accomnews attends Ted’s Technology Summit in Sydney

Screen_Shot_2015-07-27_at_1.38.22_am accomnews attends Ted’s Technology Summit in SydneyMake sure you’re following @accomnews as Rosie Clarke will be attending Ted’s Technology Summit today on behalf of accomnews.

Rachel Botsman will be the keynote speaker in attendance. She is a global authority on disruptive technology and will deliver a speech educating Australian hoteliers on the rise in sharing economy businesses like Airbnb and their impact on the local accommodation booking landscape.

Rachel’s keynote speech at the Ted Technology Summit will be followed by a CEO panel who will discuss trends in online check-in, in-room guest technology and the impact of mobile devices in the hospitality sector. Attendees will also benefit from the launch of Deloitte’s research on the Australian Tourism & Hotel Market outlook.

Rosie will be live blogging the event on Twitter so be sure to follow her @msrosieclarke so you’re as clued in as everyone attending.

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