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700 Accommodation sites now have SKY Guest Select

Most hotels & motels offer SKY, now 700 of them offer Guest Select with a SKY decoder installed in every room.

“Guest Select is growing at a rapid rate. But the most pleasing result is the satisfaction guests report, a recent survey reported that for 78% of guests the service had a positive effect on satisfaction. SKY is an entertainment business, it’s our job to entertain our client’s guests and Guest Select certainly does that. In fact we are at the point now where customers expect to find this service.”

These 700 sites have more than 9,000 rooms, with a SKY decoder. That’s almost a third of accommodation venues that we provide the service to. Some cities like Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and New Plymouth have more than 50% of properties with Guest Select. Christchurch has 48 sites alone.

“When travelling away from home, we all love the comforts of home and that includes having your own SKY decoder and the choice of 50+ channels of entertainment” Grant McKenzie (General Manager of SKY Business) said. “This variety of channels means there is no more missing out on big sporting events as you can view all the sport channels, even the pop ups.”


Guests are surprised and delighted by the full SKY experience. But having happy guests is one thing, having returning guests is a real tangible benefit and 38% of sites told us they experienced repeat business as a direct result of the Guest Select service. We now know that guests are actually making conscious decisions to only book sites with Guest Select when they travelled (Click here to see who has the service).

And the million dollar question does it represent value for money for the operators?

77% of respondents tell us Guest Select was good to excellent value for money, so it’s no surprise then that 34% of respondents reported receiving new bookings directly due to the Guest Select service.

If you would like any further information on the Guest Select service please feel free to give us a call on 0800 759 333.

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