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AN NZ 57 wk5 laundry

Spend more time where it counts and outsource laundry

AN_NZ_57_wk5_laundry Spend more time where it counts and outsource laundryWhen you look at a day in the life of an executive housekeeper, executive chef or any hotel management role, you immediately begin to understand why more and more hotels are turning to outsourced labour and specialist service providers to deliver operational efficiencies and savings whilst still maintaining the high levels of quality required within an accommodation environment.

What are the primary reasons a hotel chooses to outsource?

  • Lower operational and labour costs, delivering significant savings to the bottom line
  • Allows more time for hotel management to focus on core business by delegating time consuming processes, finance, HR and operational activities to external agencies
  • Establishing new avenues to tap in to an abundance of specialist trained labour and subject matter experts with local, regional and national capabilities and knowledge base
  • Creating more time for internal resources that could be put in to effective use for other purposes such as revenue generating
  • Team member management handled by agencies whose primary focus is dedicated to the comfort and convenience of your guests
  • Reductions in payroll and HR related issues and costs
  • Team member liabilities on the balance sheet become a thing of the past, mitigating the risk
  • Fixed costs – service specialist providers are in a unique position to provide you with a fixed standard cost per service with the housekeeping, cleaning and food and beverage operations
  • Cost structure becomes flexible according to occupancy rate
  • By outsourcing the supporting processes gives your hotel more time to strengthen its core business process
  • You will only pay for the services you need, when you need it. Lower patron service, infrastructure and human resource costs
  • Staffing flexibility that allows your hotel to operate with maximum efficiency even during off season
  • Improved customer service outcome with the introduction of more subject matter experts into your business
  • Gain a competitive edge in the market place with the introduction of more productivity, guest loyalty and level of quality

With the recent focus of outsourced labour and specialist service providers into the market space, operators such as Challenger Services Group have now developed tried and tested synergies between all services to make a greater impact together, than they would separately. The importance of concentrating on forming strong synergies amongst all services of their operation is directly related to maximising productivity and efficiency, including:

  • Communication efficiency and transparency
  • Shared Innovations
  • Greater guest and client experience
  • Greater efficiencies and productivity across all levels
  • Collaborative brains trust creating more productive ideas
  • In management, synergies may be created between management teams, resulting in increased capacity and workflow that was not possible when the teams were working independently
  • As for costs, synergies allow for the creation of economies of scale. For example, a merger across all services lines can reduce multiple levels of management and duplication and spread fixed cost technologies over larger operations
  • Shared values link the organisation together; all employees live the values
  • Team culture reigns, teams are infused with purpose, personality, and passion
  • Customer-focused quality culture and continuous improvement culture established
  • Personnel will be more sharply aligned with corporate vision and strategies
  • Effective performance measurement system is established
  • Teamwork is made a religion, cross-functional innovation teams are empowered
  • Cross-functional synergies are exploited, diversity is leveraged
  • Leadership development programs help grow leaders at all organisational levels
  • By combining their knowledge, insights, and ideas, groups often make better decisions than would have been made by the group members acting independently

Positive synergy resulting from group decisions may well include the generation of more ideas, more creative solutions, increased acceptance of the decision by group members, and increased opportunity for the expression of diverse opinions

Kris Pantovic, a representative from national service provider Challenger, told AMG that convenience and reliability are key reasons why providers are beginning to outsource. “Systems and procedures are designed so that they can be easily mobilised and implemented to any facility type at any location,” he said. “With a large pool of management and labour we can immediately provide an experienced management team and implement a professional support structure to facilitate any hotels unique requirements.”

Mr Pantovic also noted that safety and experience are important factors to consider when engaging the quality of an outsourcing company. “All of these candidates come from an established hospitality environment attributing years of experience which they would bring to your organisation and for the benefit of your organisation. This will ensure the best quality and least possible incidence of safety and or performance issues in the servicing of the hotel and its requirements.”

He finally added, “By allowing an outsourcing company to do what it does best, your organisation becomes free to do what it does best. Your organisation and their management can focus on important revenue-generating goals.”


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