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The art of collaboration in business

Collaboration is at the core of our work in the business events industry. Our sector is based on building great relationships. Conferences and meetings are the catalysts for people to gather, share ideas and work together.

In New Zealand, we work together to create a big story for our small country, and take it globally. Convention and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) collaborates with its members, the convention bureaux, Air New Zealand, Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Tourism New Zealand, sponsors, partners and the media.

Joined up thinking and collaboration between the private sector, central government, local councils and regional convention bureaux is working in New Zealand, and it is something that gives us the edge overseas.

As an industry, we are watching what is happening overseas, sharing the knowledge and finding ways we can continue to grow. The theme of our CINZ Conference in 2016 was The Art of Collaboration and our speakers embraced this concept. Our host region, Hamilton Waikato has worked hard to get on the map as a serious business events destination. Its strong regional tourism organisation and convention bureau have brought together partners to form working relationships. On the back of high-profile attractions like Hobbiton and the Waitomo Caves, dairy and aviation industries, university and elite sport centres, the region has gone out as a united team to tell their story to the world. Along with other key regions in New Zealand, they travel overseas together, they form product partnerships, they advertise together and leverage off one another.

Collaboration comes to the fore when we go into international markets to sell New Zealand as a unique business events destination. As a team, we are strong, cohesive and determined. We tell our story collaboratively with Tourism New Zealand and our members and business partners, focusing on the Maori story which is hugely powerful. Maori culture is woven into every aspect of our presentations and our hospitality. It’s a special element and tells the story of the way we collaborate – artfully.

CINZ MEETINGS, which is celebrating its 21st year in May 2017 is an example of the dynamics that happen when we put people together from across New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific and the Americas. We work collaboratively with our business partners, exhibitors and sponsors services all over New Zealand to set up 6,000 face to face meetings over three days.

Through collaboration we also learn and develop our skills at home. CINZ is fostering a strong professional development culture within New Zealand’s business event industry.

Participation in our Mentorship and Emerging Talent programmes gives our members the unique opportunity to form strong and lasting relationships.

The aim of the Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) Mentorship Programme is to give industry professionals additional personal and career guidance and advice through their relationship with an experienced mentor.

The CINZ Emerging Talent programme has been designed to upskill young professionals and combine this with network building opportunities. It is giving them the stepping stones they need to build their professional networks, and to equip them for becoming industry leaders in the future.

The Emerging Talent committees are made up of business leaders from the CINZ membership – all local people who are committed to the mission.

Another big part of what we do for our members is demonstrate ideas and initiatives to help benefit New Zealand regions, and put into practice the concept of corporate social responsibility. We want do something to give back to our local communities. At our 2016 Conference, for example, we rolled up our sleeves to build bikes and box carts for a local primary school.

Collaboration is an art based on trust, respect and empathy. In 2017, our goal is to work together to create more great partnerships and watch them flourish.

About Sue Sullivan

Sue Sullivan
Sue Sullivan is chief executive, Conventions & Incentives New Zealand

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