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Golf, utility and transportation vehicles make economic sense

The accommodation industry’s ultimate goal is to provide guests with premium comfort and optimum service. Offering guests the use of golf, utility and transportation vehicles adds quality, luxury and convenience, which explains the increased demand for these types of vehicles within hotels and resorts.

People and luggage movers have become commonplace in the larger and more luxurious complexes but now properties of all sizes and standards are considering the benefits. The function of these vehicles is not just to pamper and impress guests but also for a range of very practical uses.
The ability to meet a guest upon arrival in an impressive vehicle and transport them in safety and comfort around the complex and direct to their room is the ultimate in luxury and style. All guests will consider this service convenient and comfortable but for a guest with a disability it may also be considered necessity. These small vehicles that were originally designed to carry golfers and their clubs around a golf course now come in a wide range of formats and are marketed for a multitude of important uses. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small golf course buggies to those that move guests and their baggage around extensive resorts and hotels.

These vehicles are ideal for smaller groups and specific purposes, such as getting guests from A to B in a resort, complex or golf course for a tour or expedition and for this type of use, comfort and style is very important. Outside of moving and impressing your guests there are a multitude of other applications for these vehicles in a busy accommodation complex and some of the larger vehicles are even capable of moving 6-10 people on roads. But, it is not just your guests that will benefit from these vehicles because these vehicles can have a utility employment for grounds maintenance, industrial, commercial and recreational markets.

When used as utility vehicles they can make light of most tasks but porters, housekeepers, concierge, caretakers, ground staff and landscapers principally get to fulfil their roles quicker and with less effort. This makes good economic sense and can also reduce the number of work related injuries.

Utility vehicles can be adapted or custom-made to suit most requirements: imagine a refrigerated or insulated compartment added to a utility vehicle, perfect for the transportation of hot and cold hospitality food and beverages. This vehicle would be ideal for room service or delivering catered wedding or function food. The vehicles come equipped with electric, petrol or diesel engines, can be modified to suit any particular purpose and installing a GPS-based management system can make them very smart too!

Hauler-PRO-Front-View-beside-Stone-Building-Zoo-300x161 Golf, utility and transportation vehicles make economic sense
Cushman Hauler. Photo: EZGO

The adaptability of these vehicles is perfectly suited to the ever-evolving accommodation industry but, with so many types of vehicles, applications and custom options available in the market place, it is very difficult to decide exactly which vehicle is right for you and your particular requirements. Safety must be your main consideration, therefore sourcing a vehicle from a recognised company that has a proven track record of manufacturing/supplying these vehicles to the industry is a given.

Your next step is to consider what your vehicle is to be used for. If it is to solely transport and carry your guests, then you must make sure that the vehicle is stunning, safe, suitably powered, superbly equipped for its use and that it strikingly represents your brand. Make sure that your guests have plenty of room, can get in and out with ease and are suitably protected from all weather conditions.

Before making your final choice, there are some important questions that you will need to ask: can I fit a child/baby seat? Does it come with airbags and which ones? What safety features does it have – ABS (anti-lock braking system) and DSC (dynamic stability control)? What about cruise control?

If you are looking to use the vehicles primarily as golf buggies, you will be looking for the total package and will likely want to purchase a fleet. In this case, you will be looking for performance, higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs and the best warranty you can find. Only consider those companies that can supply vehicles with superb build quality and offer undeniable reliability.

However, if you are looking for a specific utility vehicle then you need to look for: brains, beauty and brawn. Your utility vehicle will be out and about, representing your brand, for the whole world to see and critique therefore it needs to look great and be dependable – broken down vehicles around your complex, is not a good look!

Check out what accessories can be added: ladders, trays, towbars, trailers and storage and if the vehicle can be customised specifically for your needs. A utility vehicle must be impressive to look at, built to perform for its use and built to last, it must also offer versatility, be rustproof and have the ability to drive across all terrains.

Finally, consider the cost of ownership. After all, time is money and the longer you own and operate the vehicle the greater return you will see on your investment. Lower operational, maintenance and fuel costs accrue year after year and will repay your investment in long-term returns.

Remember, always purchase from a company that produces state-of-the-art engineering and can present a vehicle made for the future, as this will serve you well today. It is essential that you make sure that your vehicle has been manufactured with an uncompromising eye for detail, is well designed and offers superior performance.

These vehicles can provide a service that impresses your guests, or indeed exceeds their expectations while meeting their needs and the needs of your staff. This makes absolute economic sense for your business, now and for the years to come.

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