Thursday , September 27 2018

Chinese payment system hits NZ

With Chinese visitors on the rise, Christchurch Airport is enabling one of the world’s largest online payment systems that originated in China.

The project has seen more than a hundred businesses across the South Island go live as Alipay merchants in recent weeks. The app, which has over 520 million global users, can be used to pay for anything from food to services and hotel stays.

Wellington’s Weta Studio Tours will be the Christchurch Airport project’s first Alipay merchant in the North Island.

“The Chinese market is an important growing segment for us, the Wellington region and New Zealand as a whole. Alipay will make it easy and convenient for Chinese tourists to experience what we offer.” Christchurch Airport’s chief aeronautical and commercial officer Justin Watson said Alipay is a valuable opportunity for New Zealand businesses.

“This cutting-edge tool lets kiwi businesses market themselves directly to the app’s users, establishing direct one-to-one relationships. It is a great way to connect with the record numbers (around 400,000) of Chinese tourists visiting New Zealand every year.”

“The Chinese use Alipay more than credit cards. Because they trust it and know how it works, our Chinese guests are more likely to spend with a kiwi business that offers Alipay than one that doesn’t. Better still, being on Alipay lets kiwi businesses talk and do business with these visitors before, during and after their holiday here.”

Christchurch Airport signed a world-first partnership agreement with Alipay’s parent company, Alibaba Group, in April 2017. This is the first initiative to result from that agreement.

Justin Watson said the partnership initiatives are designed to both grow the economy across the South Island’s regions and improve the experience that Chinese visitors have when they come to New Zealand.

“This is about using the power of the internet to make it easier for New Zealand businesses, of all sizes, to do business internationally. The potential is enormous and we are incredibly proud to be creating this opportunity for our place in the world.”

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