Saturday , August 18 2018

Kiwis blamed for poor show at Commonwealth Games

Not content with stealing gold in the women’s rugby sevens, New Zealand stands accused of robbing Australia of visitors during the Commonwealth Games.

Some Gold Coast operators expecting a tourism surge instead saw a 35 per cent drop in trade on the same time last year, while the price of some beachfront hotel rooms was slashed by hundreds of dollars in a bid for bookings.

Organisers have been accused of scaring locals and tourists away with a campaign warning of traffic chaos.

But others have pointed their finger across the pond – blaming Kiwis for a misaligned holiday calendar which may have robbed the event of thousands of extra visitors.

The New Zealand and New South Wales school holidays both started this weekend as the Games finished. Both are major tourist markets for the Gold Coast, delivering a combined 1.2 million visitors a year.

Gold Coast Tourism CEO Martin Winter said this year’s scheduling had “not been kind” to the region, pointing out that the Queensland, NSW and NZ school holidays all coincided last year.

He said the traditionally bumper Easter holidays had been slow, with tourists coming to the event choosing short stays.

While dismissing claims that parts of the Gold Coast had resembled a “ghost town”, Mr Winters said: “This Commonwealth Games has met all the expectations we had, and we set the bar very, very high.

“Notwithstanding that, it’s fair to say there have been some traders who haven’t had their expectations met.”

Mr Winter said hotel occupancy had picked up as the Games progressed, with hotel booking rising to 81 per cent and tourism officials reportedly “very pleased”.

“There was never going to be 100 per cent occupancy,” Mr Winter said, adding that the region’s average annual occupancy rate was 71.6 per cent.


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  1. I appreciate that one has to sensationalise articles with outrageous headings but blaming NZ for robbing Australia of tourists during the commonwealth games is hardly fair.

    One could have read it as a compliment to NZ but adding the part about not being content in strealing Gold in the women’s 7’s reversed that thought.
    Let’s be honest here, NZ has always punched above its weight especially when it comes to TT rivalry. Australia may have topped the commonwealth games medal tally but with a population of 25 million one would have expected more than 198 medals.

    On the flipside NZ won 48 medals with a total population of 4.7 million.
    The suns are easy, NZ’s population is almost 19% of Australia’s yet NZ’s medal count is 23% of the 198 Australia achieved.
    Without taking anything away from the Australian athletes, as a country who’s media continually report how great Australian sport is, it fell well short by 54 medals to compare with NZ’s medal haul.
    By the way NZ also won Gold in the men’s Rugby 7’s .

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