“It’s a lovely spot”: No similarity to The Shining say accom owners

A manager’s role at a mountain ski lodge has been compared to something out of Stephen King’s The Shining after the job application was hijacked online.

Social media posts suggested the hunt for a new part-time manager at the Ruapehu Lodge would be an ideal winter job for a writer – in a nod to The Shining’s deranged novelist Jack Torrance – as the property allegedly has no TV or internet.

The 32-bed lodge is situated off the beaten track some 600 metres above Whakapapa Village at the base of Mount Ruapehu.

However, owners Forest and Bird have been quick to reassure potential applicants there is nothing but a passing resemblance between Jack Torrance’s caretaker job at Overlook Hotel and the overseeing role they are advertising.

Spokesperson Kevin Hackwell, who admits never having read the book or seen the Stanley Kubrick movie adaptation, told the lodge was very different to the isolated Rocky Mountains setting of The Shining.

“It’s a lovely spot, really nice, at the top of the village by other lodges and in amongst the bush,” he said.

The $1 million timber-clad Ruapehu Lodge was opened in late 2010 after fire destroyed the original 40-year-old building. It has had no full-time custodian previously, instead being looked after by society members acting as wardens.

Hackwell says the lodge, which attracts thousands of visitors a year, is “beautifully insulated and has got really nice facilities”.

Neither of which are all that reassuring for applicants spooked by similarities to The Shining.

However, Hackwell argues the property does include internet capability, saying he has personally conducted teleconference calls to and from the location.

The successful applicant will have access to the largest ski fields in New Zealand, with Whakapapa’s famous slopes easily accessible from the lodge.

Which is just as well, because as Torrance would say: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.


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