Monday , July 23 2018
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Hospitality paper pushers getting drastic with plastic

Two million paper straws have arrived in Christchurch as part of Hospitality NZ’s plan for its members to be plastic straw-free by 2019.

Waste reducing company The Rubbish Whisperer has joined forces with the industry body to promote the reduction of plastic straws to 3,000 hospitality operators in restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels, taverns, off-licenses, casinos and short and long-term accommodation nationwide.

“Getting rid of single-use plastic is important to us,” said Nick Keene, head of the Hopsitality NZ’s environment/sustainability advisory board.

“We’ve found that many of our members feel bad about using plastic straws, since it goes against environmental ethics.

“We really want to promote paper straw alternatives because our members, collectively, are the biggest contributors to plastic straw use.”

Because of the impact it can make to reducing New Zealand waste, The Rubbish Whisperer is offering an incentive discount to all Hospitality NZ members wanting to switch from plastic to paper straws.

“It’s great to see, despite how much plastic pollution we’re responsible for creating, that people are wanting to take steps – vital steps – to reduce their waste,” said company founder Helen Rupp.

“For the Rubbish Whisperer, our relationship with Hospitality NZ means we can make an even bigger difference to the environment by helping the hospitality industry find simple ways of moving away from single-use plastic.”

The Rubbish Whisperer sells superior quality paper straws which are 100 percent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (EU) approved, with the ability to decompose in 30-60 days. They are packaged completely free of plastic.

“We have partnered with Helen and The Rubbish Whisperer because they are New Zealand-owned and they support local employment,” said Nick Keene.

“As a partner in sustainable practices they were exactly what we were looking for – it was a logical choice for us. Straws on request, reduction of packaging in general, and better recycling options are all part of our philosophy.” Nick Keene said.

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