Tuesday , September 25 2018

Protect your website with new certification

It’s time to take action and ensure that your website is HTTPS ready.

Failure to do this will seriously impact on your website (and business credibility) and guests may leave your site in favour of a site that has the security certificate associated with it!

Prices start from $150.00 per year and this is a minor amount to keep your site updated.

It would be easy to ignore this warning and put it all in the ‘too hard’ basket, but future bookings from your website are at risk; search engine results will be impacted.

The answer is simple – contact your web developer team or marketing company today!

Google has officially made July the cut-off month to flag all websites that do not have an SSL certificate.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the technology that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser to ensure that all data shared remain private.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, information shared with your business will not be secured and can run the risk of being hacked.

What this translates into is that about two-thirds of all websites are deemed unsafe by Google and this is what it will look like from July on when a customer clicks on a website that does not have an SSL certificate.

SSL-cert-300x116 Protect your website with new certification


HTTP is out-of-date and not secured, so when a customer enters a HTTP website, anyone can listen in on the ‘conversation’ and steal or manipulate the data if they want to.

HTTPS is secured and information is encrypted, so information is no longer out there for anyone who wants access to it.

Encryption means information is less likely to be stolen and that data is secured during transfer and cannot be broken or modified in the process of transfer.   It also blocks ads on your website and allows your website to perform better and faster.

Why do you need to be SSL certificated?

Being SSL certified builds trust and affirms your brand positioning.

Visuals like the lock icon and the green address bar provide the authentication to a customer that they can trust that an encryption is being used and any sensitive information shared will not run the risk of being stolen or manipulated.

A guest wants the reassurance that they are providing their personal information to a company that will protect that information and prioritise their customer’s integrity and security above all else.

How to get SSL certified

Does Google sell SSL certificates?  The short answer is no.

You will need to buy one with your web-hosting company or look into moving your website to a hosting company that provides SSL certificates for their customers.  The basic prices in New Zealand for an SSL certificate can start from $150.

Having a SSL certificate is only one way to ensure that your accommodation website is working for your business.  Other key elements are:

  • Great visual design
  • Content that reflects your business brand and story
  • Mobile-friendly sites
  • Clear call to action – and placement of online booking engines.

About Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson is director of Orange Marketing, a New Zealand-based accommodation marketing company that specialises in digital and website marketing.

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