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Monthly ‘Hotel Benchmarking Programme’ opens to all hotels

TIA is pleased to announce that the monthly Hotel Benchmarking Programme is now available to all hotels that want to participate.

This creates a monthly benchmarking platform that all hotels can benefit from, including those who are not members of TIA. Participation in the programme is now free-of-charge for all hotels in New Zealand.

To enable this change to occur, full management of the programme has been transferred from TIA to tourism data experts Fresh Info, and it will be renamed Hotel Data New Zealand (HDNZ).

Fresh Info has managed data collection and reporting for the monthly Hotel Benchmarking Programme since 2004, so the transition to HDNZ will simply be a continuation of the existing service for all participating hotels.
The transfer of all administrative tasks from TIA to Fresh Info (including communications) and the new name are the only changes hotels will notice.

Participating hotels should therefore continue entering data and accessing benchmarking reports each month as they normally do.

TIA Hotel Sector Manager Sally Attfield says: “Having more hotels in the programme will benefit existing participants by making the data more representative of the entire market and expanding the options for peer grouping.

“It will also help organisations like TIA, New Zealand Hotel Owners Association (NZHOA) and Hospitality NZ advocate more effectively for the hotel sector.”

NZHOA Executive Director Amy Robens says, “We’ve been working with Fresh Info on the new benchmarking programme. HDNZ will provide continued support to hoteliers with enhanced reporting and improved navigation. We strongly encourage all hotels in New Zealand to participate in the programme to ensure it is a robust reflection of the hotel market”.

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