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Trying to win back guests post-lockdown, TOP 10 Holiday Parks surveys guests

After 7 weeks of travel restrictions, Kiwis are itching to return to their favourite holiday spots and explore new parts of New Zealand. But it’s hard to feel confident when we are out of the bubble of our own homes and where we feel a heightened level of vulnerability and loss of control.

The team at TOP 10 Holiday Parks understands that it’s a time of great uncertainty and, with that in mind, have introduced several measures to instil confidence in Kiwi travellers as we move into Level 2.

“Surveying our membership database revealed that the vast majority of our customers are looking to book a holiday in the coming 6 months once travel restrictions are lifted, particularly if there is greater flexibility to change or cancel their booking dates without penalty,” said TOP 10 Holiday Parks Chief Executive, David Ovendale.

With Level 2 and our ability to travel domestically just around the corner, we wanted to assure customers that we’ve got them covered, no matter how the next few months play out.

The newly introduced ‘Book with Confidence Guarantee’ allows customers, who may no longer be able to travel due to COVID-19 related developments, to modify their booking without penalty and they will be offered a 12-month credit to the value of their original booking. In some circumstances a full refund, also without penalty, may be available. With more flexible booking conditions, the aim is to mitigate customer concerns around losing the value of their booking, or some of their booking, and get Kiwis back on the road and supporting local business as soon as possible.

TOP_10_Cleanliness_Commitment_FA Trying to win back guests post-lockdown, TOP 10 Holiday Parks surveys guestsIn conjunction with this, the group has developed a ‘Committed to Clean’ initiative. This has involved providing TOP 10’s holiday park owners and managers with best practice guidelines including policies and procedures to follow in the new COVID-19 world where cleaning practices and hygiene are paramount. All documentation has been reviewed by an independent 3rd party assessor and aligned with recommendations from MBIE and the Ministry of Health.

“We know that guests will have concerns for their health and wellbeing, and we have introduced the guidelines to give them the necessary comfort we are going above and beyond our already elevated hygiene and cleanliness standards. Our goal is to ensure customers feel that they can book and travel to our holiday parks with confidence in this time of uncertainty,” added Ovendale.

Over the last 36 years the TOP 10 focus as a business has been on bringing people together, so it has been the hardest thing for TOP 10 owners and staff to encourage people to stay away.

“As has been the case for all tourism businesses, it has been an extremely tough time for our holiday park owners and staff. Whilst most of our parks have been open through the last 6 weeks as essential services, we are looking forward to being able to fully open our doors and welcome guests back to our TOP 10 Holiday Parks where they can continue to make incredible holiday memories, memories for life. We believe through these two initiatives, we are addressing key concerns and barriers customers may have to travelling in the immediate term.”

Image Credits: Supplied by TOP 10 Holiday Parks


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