Friday , August 17 2018

Arvo Elias

Arvo Elias is from web consultancy firm Cybercons. He has been a long time contributor in Resort News, make sure you're subscribed so you can check out his monthly Intonet instalment. We will also see his contributions on accomnews.

Is this the year the internet dies?

This Mr Hyde peddles drugs, launders money, cheats, lies, is a favoured domain of criminals, breaches laws and privacy, bullies and has become a tool capable of causing the death of innocent people. More importantly still, it has become a political sledge.

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A happy landing for your website

landing page image

A new twist from an old client on an old topic. What is the difference between a ‘home’ page and a ‘landing’ page? No, he did not want me to design a site for him but he had a new venture partner who was using terminology he did not understand. Therefore, could I please enlighten him even though his partner …

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