Saturday , July 21 2018


How to use Instagram to promote your hotel and attract guests

Instagram is one of the most effective social media marketing platforms available to hotel owners in today’s social and digital environment. It offers a simple, clean feed, it’s completely mobile, and it makes everything look great. And the good news for hoteliers is that it’s particularly popular with travellers and holidaymakers. The keen and observant social media fans among you …

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Three things hotel marketers can learn from Uber

Over the last 10 years, industry disruptors have rocked the business world in ways we’ve never seen before, and leading the charge is disruption’s poster child, Uber. Not only has it streamlined getting anywhere in the world’s major cities, Uber‘s visionary business model is a goldmine of lessons for hotel marketers. Their model nourishes their own growth, with their incredible …

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Millennial marketing trends for small hotels

Millennials love to travel, particularly because they place value on authentic experiences versus stuff that can be purchased and collected. For those of you who need a bit more clarification, millennials are the generation of young adults who were born between 1982 and 1994 — an often discussed and debated generation, and an important one for small hotels to target. …

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Are your bookings getting lost in translation?

Travel is a hot commodity worldwide. Just within the past decade, the U. S. hotel industry has seen an uplift in international travellers, with large increases in visitors hailing from China and South Korea. This adds to the already steady stream of visitors from Canada, Mexico, UK and Japan, who have been investing in travel to American cities for decades.

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Hotels missing out on 70% of customer feedback

Global customer intelligence company Local Measure, which uses location-based data to unlock customer insights, believes the hotel industry is getting less than half the picture when it comes to their brand by not accessing quality data across social channels. Founder and CEO Jonathan Barouch said for an industry that relies heavily on word of mouth, most of which takes place …

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Three things that terrify hotel marketers

Here are three terrifying things that are making hotel marketers anxious right now: 1. Frighteningly low budgets to accomplish marketing targets A thin marketing budget is a common cause for anxiety for hotel marketers. We all know how much money and staff hours are required to achieve the lofty targets owners expect. However, more and more owners and GMs are …

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Two ways to compete against new properties in your market

A strong reputation can help you weather the storm of fresh competition

It’s a nightmare that way too many hoteliers can relate to: an already saturated market being bombarded with new hotels left and right, each with shiny new technology, the comfiest beds in all the land and thousands of square feet of meeting space to entice even your most loyal annual groups. Take a look at the chart below from our …

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You can’t afford to miss these Facebook tips and tricks for small hotels

Social Media Tips

Facebook is more than just a popular social networking site, it’s a necessary resource for small hotels looking to expand their business and increase their bookings. And as a bed and breakfast, you need to develop a Facebook profile that helps you to get found by your potential guests. Try out these Facebook tips and tricks to connect with your …

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