Thursday , September 20 2018


4 questions to ask your potential channel manager vendor

Channel manager options

There is one piece of technology that you need to consider if you want to ramp up your technology and that is, a channel manager. As the name suggests, channel managers allow properties to efficiently manage the different online distribution channels that their property sells through. Channel managers give small accommodation providers two main benefits: • Ability to sell the …

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What is the future of wearable technology in hotels?

If you’re at all interested in technology, whether it is for work or just for fun, you’ll know that the future all big tech companies are working towards is wearable technology. The release of the Apple Watch earlier this year just goes to show that users are still looking for the next new and exciting piece of tech to own …

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5 tips for increasing guest satisfaction survey conversion rates

An 82 wk3 reviewpro

These days, hotel guests are inundated with requests to complete online surveys and it’s not easy to get high participation rates. Yet, guest intelligence provides hotels with actionable insight into satisfaction levels and what it will take to deliver even better experiences for future guests. It is essential to make sure guests complete your survey in order to take the …

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