Monday , October 15 2018


Keeping pools clean, safe in commercial accommodation

Swimming Pool kids hotel

The New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) proudly represents the aquatics industry. Part of our commitment in this key role is to outline current best practice and industry standards, and provide templates and requirements for managers and operators of aquatic facilities. Our scope is broad: it includes everything from thermal and spa pools, to hospitality and school pools. One of the …

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Fire an Ever Present Risk


Fire tragedies have occurred in New Zealand accommodation buildings before in our history with several well known hotels being destroyed by flames, and it is largely through good fortune that loss of life has not happened in more recent times.

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Be prepared – act now

Christmas Checklist

Well Christmas is upon us and for most us in the accommodation industry the Christmas period is “full on”, while we endeavour to enjoy Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day with no complaints, breakdowns or disasters.

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Is your bathroom your best feature?


The first place a guest will check for cleanliness, the area where housekeepers spend the most time in a change-over clean, the majority of the cost when a manger is discussing a refurbishment with an owner and generally one of the limiting factors for a manager in achieving a good yield.

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