Saturday , October 20 2018

Human Resources

Creating a safe workplace key to success

Adults Learning First Aid CPR

Life is about choice, but in business it’s about making the right decision for employees and clients.  The cost of compliance and the added value that quality decisions can make are the key to successful businesses. The wellbeing and productivity of employees can be taken for granted, but lost work days through sickness and injury can be costly to the …

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Bed bugs a growing downside of more frequent air travel

International and domestic travel has never been more accessible to tens of millions of people worldwide, but it is not only people that might be aboard aircraft, ships and other modes of transport. Insect pests can also be travelling undetected, with bed bugs the most likely to cause real problems in the accommodation industry. Once fairly reliable airport sprays are …

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The effect of workplace culture on guests

Accommodation operators around New Zealand and Australia are a mixed bag of sizes, staffing levels and requirements, clientele and key drivers to their individual success. It would be safe to assume that the overwhelming majority of accommodation providers would be SMEs who are wanting to keep costs down, market the property to a high standard, deliver a quality product that …

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Payroll advances now make it a much easier task to handle

Every business will have problems they are required to deal with from time to time but hopefully they can be rapidly addressed by those at management level. Where no enterprise wants to have them is where they affect staff as a whole because then it becomes a whole new ball-game. Nothing is likely to upset staff more than problems with …

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Smart, distinctive uniforms are continually evolving

Well cut, good quality uniforms look smart in any occupation and the accommodation industry is no exception. A friendly greeting by smartly turned-out staff could hardly fail to impress guests at any time, whereas leaving it to the staff member’s own dress sense and clothing budget could have quite the reverse effect. It is not only the guests who will be …

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Hotel happiness: keys to success

Housekeeping know what it takes to be a successful accom provider

If you want to know one of the keys to a successful hotel, ask the people who make up the perfect room for customers – housekeeping. It’s a good place to get a career in the industry underway and you can earn and learn from the day you start. Haylee Keepa-Gordon hadn’t planned to go into the hospitality industry. Two …

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