Monday , September 24 2018


Your accommodation business for sale portal has arrived

In an exciting move for the accommodation sector, Multimedia Publishing has announced the launch of its brand new commercial property listing portal, Accom Properties. The website will be a hub for buyers and sellers of hotels, resorts, motels, holiday parks, apartment buildings and other commercial properties. The industry gamechanger has been in the works at Multimedia Publishing for several years: …

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2017 design trends for luxury resort destinations

Trends Design Modern Trendy Fashion Concept

Whether you are thinking of remodeling or building a new resort in 2017 think carefully before following the latest ‘trends’ unless you have deep pockets and subscribe to the industry expectation that your resort will be undergoing a significant refurbishment within three to five years. Designing to a current trend can date your property very quickly, and in today’s ever …

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Valuation of accommodation businesses

It appears that motel and other accommodation business leases are valued in a way which may not be consistent with general accounting practises. Sometimes potential buyers receive professional advice not to proceed, this is often based on analysis of accounts using the more traditional approach whereby cost of capital, return to management and sometimes depreciation are deducted before assessing profitability. …

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Selling your accommodation business – how hard can it be?

Selling any type of business is usually quite different to selling a house. The vendor of a residential property, having appointed an agent to take care of things, generally has very little further involvement until the time of negotiating over price and terms etc. Vendors for motels and other types of accommodation businesses however, whether they be freehold or leasehold, …

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Rent reviews and the motel industry


Most motels in New Zealand operate by way of leasing and likely many other types of accommodation properties as well. One of the main reasons for this, could be that the return from the real estate investment (land and buildings) is considerably lower than that earned by the operator of the business.

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