Thursday , September 27 2018

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Damaging impact of OTAs

Giant global online travel agencies are having a corrosive impact on accommodation businesses, according to the results of a new industry survey.

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The truth about ‘test and tag’

Is it merely a licence to print money or will you actually get anything from employing test and tag? For many disreputable test and tag companies it is merely a quick way to transfer money from your account to theirs and what’s even worse is that your hotel may be less safe after having them come through than it was …

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Three secrets your hotel booking engine is dying to tell you

Your booking engine is more than a place of transaction or a page for your guests to check prices, room types and availability. Your hotel’s booking environment also holds a goldmine of free data, but only if you take the time to unearth it. Sadly, most hotels aren’t doing so. By taking the time to dig deeper to find this …

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This is how hotels make their OTA addiction worse

The cycle of OTA dependence is all too real and aggravating. But, it’s time to face the facts. It’s your fault, not the OTAs, if an OTA-driven guest doesn’t come back and book direct the next time around. Some hoteliers are dropping their pitchforks and getting smart about their relationships with OTAs by leveraging them as a customer acquisition tool. …

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