Wednesday , August 22 2018

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Damaging impact of OTAs

Giant global online travel agencies are having a corrosive impact on accommodation businesses, according to the results of a new industry survey.

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The power of packages

To help New Zealand hoteliers better understand the nature of package demand and the opportunities they present, we deep dived into more than 12 months of Expedia’s first-party inbound data...

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What does Expedia’s new sentiment analysis tool actually do?

Expedia has announced Guest Review Insights, a new sentiment analysis tool it claims will help hotels manage and improve their online reputation, and as a result, attract more travellers while maximising guest experiences on property. Guest reviews are valuable to both hotels and potential guests, but extracting actionable insights from them can be time consuming and costly, leaving many hotels …

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Expedia rep tells customer “F**k you!” in shocking reports

Teacher and mother Cara Viramontes shared screenshots with CBSLA of an email she received from Expedia with the words “F**k you!” and a notification her $600 trip had been cancelled. The email was allegedly sent after she had filled in a customer service survey with an unfavourable employee review. “I was honest,” she told the local news site. “I said: ‘You know what, …

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