Thursday , September 27 2018

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Sharing the view with freedom campers

freedom campers

Summer has, thus far, failed to arrive in Wellington, apart from the odd ‘you can’t beat Wellington on a good day’ day, where you drop whatever domestic inside job you are doing and go out and enjoy the sunshine while you can. A short summer break (in search of sun) to a treasure of a spot in Taranaki called Opunake …

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Social media targeting young free campers 

Motorhome camper at Lake Pearson / Moana Rua Wildlife Refuge, Canterbury.

Young international visitors who like to free camp on their travels around New Zealand are being targeted with an informative social media campaign this summer to encourage them to behave responsibly. Launched on December 20, 2016, just ahead of the busy Christmas and New Year period, the campaign was mounted by the Responsible Camping Forum with funding from a dozen …

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Special Report: Freedom Campers a continuing challenge

Summer lies just ahead and with it will come the benefits and problems created by thousands of freedom campers taking to the roads to enjoy the scenic beauties and wonders of New Zealand. Most communities will welcome such campers for the spending money and potential employment they bring. But to some, particularly in smaller communities on the tourist trail, they …

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