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Ramada Reia Taipa Beach: Northland oasis

Aerial shot of Ramada Resort Reia Taipa Beach

One of the few beach-front resorts in New Zealand, The Ramada Resort Reia Taipa Beach offers guests a relaxing getaway in either beachfront or poolside rooms. Located in the exquisite Doubtless Bay Northland, the resort enjoys a climate that “is about as tropical as New Zealand can get”. General manager Jackie Thompson told AMG that the location is ideal for …

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The first 5 seconds: is your hotel website ready?

We live in a world of instant gratification and non-stop distractions. So, all hotel marketers can surely agree that holding a guest’s attention in the digital world is difficult. We’re up against our guests’ own smartphones, websites full of intriguing content and forever-streaming social media channels. In fact, attention spans are at an all-time low. Recent studies have shown that because …

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Smart, distinctive uniforms are continually evolving

Well cut, good quality uniforms look smart in any occupation and the accommodation industry is no exception. A friendly greeting by smartly turned-out staff could hardly fail to impress guests at any time, whereas leaving it to the staff member’s own dress sense and clothing budget could have quite the reverse effect. It is not only the guests who will be …

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Never try to prove guests wrong, even when they are

Is it ever okay to be right? Not when you have guests...

Coming up through the ranks in the hotel industry, I remember well hearing my managers use the old adage “The customer is always right.” At one hotel they even put a sign up that said: “Rule number one: the customer is always right. Rule number two: when the customer is wrong, see rule number one.” In recent years I have …

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Hotel happiness: keys to success

Housekeeping know what it takes to be a successful accom provider

If you want to know one of the keys to a successful hotel, ask the people who make up the perfect room for customers – housekeeping. It’s a good place to get a career in the industry underway and you can earn and learn from the day you start. Haylee Keepa-Gordon hadn’t planned to go into the hospitality industry. Two …

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